Monthly Archives: April 2015

On and Off Leash

I shoot tethered a lot.   Sometimes I feel like a dog on a leash, but despite the restrictions of being tied down, shooting tethered saves me a lot of time in my workflow.

Whether shooting portraits or an advertising campaign, shooting tethered is a way to improve communication.   It allows the art director, client or subject to see the work and either approve the approach, composition or even the actual image immediately.   I’ve finished many shoots with the client approving the final image before I pack up.   This saves time in editing, building web galleries or pdfs etc and takes me right into output, retouching and delivery sooner.   All good things to save time.

Another tool I use is my ipad.   I use Phase One, Capture One Pro software, which has a viewing option that links to an app on my ipad.   I give the client the ipad to watch the progress so that they are involved without having to sit in my lap.   It’s the best of both worlds and they can even mark and rate their favorites as they view them.   I’ve also had shoots where there was no room for the art director because of the space where I was shooting.   IE on a lift or ladder or in a tight corner.   I’ve even used the ipad link for my viewing in a piece of machinery, where I ran a cord to the computer outside the machinery and kept the ipad with me to view and control the settings.

Another tool I use is the profoto air strobes with the remote trigger on camera.   The remote has a great feature that allows me to change the power on any single strobe or group of strobes, right from my camera.   I’ve been on lifts or tight spaces or even loud places where changing the power up or down was difficult for me or an assistant.   The remote makes it easy and fast.

Tools need to make my job easier, faster or better.  It’s great when the tool does all three.

Todd Joyce